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Elevate Sport Horses is taking your performance to the next level. From your first foot in the stirrup to your first blue ribbon, Rachael van den Berg’s expertise takes you to the top.

Training: Comprehensive programs for horse & rider

Full Training Elevate offers multiple options. Please call 541-550-8165 or email elevatesporthorses@gmail.com for more information about which program is best for you and your horse’s needs.

Up to five sessions per week (combination of lessons/training); professional grooming on professional ride days; scheduling of farrier, veterinary and therapy appointments; communication and consultation with the horse owner. * Professional rides average 45 minutes. See lesson times below.

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Elevate Lesson Academy: Welcoming riders of all levels, with or without a horse

Introductory Lesson $75
4 lessons per month on site $200 own horse, $300 school horse
8 lessons per month on site $600 school horse

At Elevate, we empower students on their riding journeys. Through positive instruction and a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses English-style riding skills, horsemanship and horse knowledge, our team supports students in reaching their goals and introducing new riders to the love of horses and equestrian sports.


Your first lesson at Elevate Sport Horses will be a 30-minute long private Introductory Lesson. The investment is $75. This lesson is an opportunity to introduce you to our program and allow your instructor to assess your current skill level. Afterward, the instructor will discuss your goals in order to develop a program to best suit your needs.

We ask students to wear closed-toed shoes with a heel and leggings/breeches. We have helmets available. Please arrive at your lesson time. Your instructor will have the horse or pony ready so you or your child can enjoy the ride! To set up an Intro Lesson, please contact Elevate Sport Horses.

BRONZE LEVEL – Horsemanship, Walk, Trot

This level is designed for riders that are just starting their riding journeys. Lessons are 30-minute private sessions on a school horse. The investment is $300/month for a once-a-week lesson subscription (4 lessons to be used within 30 days).

Students will learn horsemanship skills including properly grooming and tacking their horse, how to safely handle/lead their horse or pony on the ground and basic horse-related terminology including parts of the saddle, bridle and horse.

The focus in riding sessions will be developing the strength and balance as well as the correct body position through lunge line lessons until the rider can competently walk and trot on their own. Riders will be introduced to basic patterns (circles, straight lines, transitions), demonstrate an Intro Level Dressage Test and complete an obstacle course at the walk/trot on their own to advance to the Silver Level.

SILVER LEVEL – Walk, Trot, Canter … Obstacles!

Students will continue to enhance their horsemanship skills, learn basic horse care and be introduced to the canter on the lunge line in this level. Lessons are 30-minute private sessions on a school horse. The investment is $300/month for a once-a-week lesson subscription (4 lessons to be used within 30 days).

When ready, riders will canter on their own, perform a Training Level Dressage Test (performing circles in all three gaits, transitions between the walk/trot/canter) and hone their jumping position.

Riders will learn how to canter in jumping position, canter poles on the ground, jump their first crossrail and complete a trot crossrail course in preparation for their advancement to the Gold Level.

GOLD LEVEL – Walk, Trot, Canter… Jump!

Students will continue to cultivate their horsemanship skills, learn more advanced grooming techniques and how to lunge a horse. Lessons are one-hour group sessions on a school horse with a maximum of 5 riders. The investment is $300/month for a once-a-week lesson subscription (4 lessons to be used within 30 days) or $600/month for a twice a week lesson subscription (8 lessons to be used within 30 days).

This level will bring riders their first experience of riding with others. Students will be introduced to the pyramid of training and how to influence the horse’s body and movement. Students will continue to practice control and position at all three gaits, execute a First Level Dressage Test (perform a more technical pattern on the flat including lateral movements, lengthening/shortening at different gaits), ride over raised cavaletti in the trot, execute a cross rail course at the canter, be introduced to their first vertical jumps and work towards cantering a course of 2’-2’3 jumps to prepare them for the Platinum Level that is available to students that own, lease a horse or are part of Elevate’s Lesson Academy Plus.

† Private lessons are 30 minutes, semi privates are 45 minutes and group lesson are 1 hour. Rates are the same for private and group lessons. Lesson subscriptions (4 & 8 lesson packages) are to be paid in full, up front and used within 30 days.

To learn more about our lesson academy, please contact Elevate Sport Horses.

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Voltaire Design

Elevate Sport Horses is sponsored by Voltaire Design